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There has been a greater need these days as more people are using the Internet - you must  protect your PC from Invaders, Spyware, Viruses etc.

You can contact us if you like if you have any problems or need help about any of the programs that are listed below.  Of course, you may visit our Site Forum  You need to register here before posting any comments or any issues or concerns under Free Software Downloads.


All the Free programs below have been thoroughly tested, trusted, and currently run on all my Computers'


PC Antivirus Protection

 AVG Antivrus

Fire wall protection > AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0 - High-speed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware with auto updates  LinkScanner® for safe surfing and searching. 

Zone Alarm

Advanced System Care 3.3.4 > Checks for Malware, Spyware, check registry for errors, and much more. The other thing, it is completely safe to use

windows Care

Spyware Blaster >  This small program, stops malicious sites from installing Scripts to run from your Browsers, and control you PC.  It also has a huge database with many thousands of known sites that potentially stop the use of tracking techniques to bounce you from your own browser, which affectively sends you to their sites without you knowing.  This invariably can happen while innocently using a Search Engine.   Unfortunately, most of them are filthy sites with degrading material   You can't be to complacent, so try it out. 

Spy Blaster


Music recorders and Players

Music Recorder > Records any thing you hear on you PC  Records & saves to MP3 format only.  To wav files & MP3 at a higher sampling rate 44hz and above you will to purchase an upgrade.

Music Recorder

Audacity recorder > This program will also record anything you hear from your PC and you have the options to record at many sampling rates below 44 Hz and above i.e. 16 bit, 24 Bit and so on.  Here you can crop samples from you recordings & paste bits of them to other recording you made. Recommended for those who have some technical knowledge of Wave Forms, frequencies etc.  Though basic functions can be learned fairly easy buy reading the Help File.


Musicmatch JukeBox > Music features:  Play your files, CDs and Musicmatch Radio - Create digital files, playlists, music CDs, MP3 CDs, and data CDs. Print Jewel case inserts and labels - Convert your WAV files to mp3 just by selecting your list files.  You can go low as, 8 kbps (to save space) or high as, 320 kbps (for very high quality MP3's).




Yahoo Messenger > This the full latest download version Simply download the file and run the Application.  You will need a Profile ID & Password to run Yahoo Messenger, if not then simply go to www.yahoo.com and sign-up for a new account.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Multi Messenger > With this application you can run many Yahoo Profiles all at once.  When you download this file you will need open the compressed file to your default FOLDER, then you will need open that file, extracted all file contents (either to the same folder) or to a folder of your choice.  Now, click on the application file to install the Yahoo Multi Messenger program.  Once installed, you will need to execute the Registry file by clicking that file.  You will be notified that it has updated the Windows Registry successfully.  This only deals with the Yahoo part of your Registry thus allowing you to open Yahoo Messenger many times on you computer. Important, you must restart your Windows System before it will work.

Yahoo Multi Msgr


There will be more great FREE programs  available soon so, please keep coming back for updates.   If you would more info in the meantime, then please visit the Online Help & Support

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